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Ready to Upgrade?

West Texas, western Oklahoma, eastern New Mexico — or anywhere within driving distance of Amarillo or Lubbock, we can help you.

We represent multiple brands and pledge to offer you the best fit, the best price. Always.

Contact us early in the planning process to consult on your project

The sooner we get involved, the more we can help, AND the smoother the transition.



Call us — early in the process — about your

Voice and data cabling,


Communications and  Electrical needs


Keep That Old System Running Just a Bit Longer?

Outdated?        Obsolete?

Sometimes just a few simple programming changes will put your equipment back on track.

We can find parts for your legacy equipment.

When you are ready to upgrade, we will know your needs, and can recommend accordingly.

We can retrofit your legacy equipment, as outdated as pictured here, to work with voice over IP.

Tired of High Costs?


Reduce your total cost of ownership.

We have a wide array of options.

Contact us for a free analysis.


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