Integrated Systems

Improved Patient Safety through Integrated Alerting and Communications

Direct alerting from patients to wireless devices carried by staff allows caregivers to triage calls and quickly respond to patients who require prompt attention. When Provider® Nurse Call Systems are integrated with devices including wireless phones or pocket pagers, caregiver response time is improved and patient safety enhanced.


  • Reduced Incidence of Falls – with instant wireless notification of bed exit alarm, caregivers can immediately respond before the patient potentially experiences a fall
  • Group Notification of High Priority Calls – in addition to the primary assigned caregiver, other caregivers in the unit can be notified of high priority events such as bed exit, bath emergency, and staff assist calls; allowing the closest available caregiver to respond in an emergency situation
  • Streamlined Communication – with wireless phones, mobile caregivers can answer their patients calls directly; eliminating the extra steps of a ward clerk answering calls and dispatching caregivers
  • Team Nursing Alerts with Backups – routine patient calls are sent sequentially to each member of the team assigned to each patient until the call is cleared; ensuring no call is forgotten
Integrated Systems

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