Interdepartmental Communications

Provider® 790 and Spectrum ®Intercom Choices Meet the Demanding Internal Communication Needs of Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities depend on the quick and reliable relay of information both within and between departments in order to operate efficiently. Jeron’s Provider 790 and Spectrum intercom systems meet these communications needs for departments including radiology, surgery, ED, med/surg, and more.

As part of a comprehensive nurse call solution, Provider 790 gives hands-free digital audio communication between staff at any touchscreen Nurse Console or Staff Terminal throughout your entire facility. With 60 customizable buttons for rounding, reminders, calls, workflows, and one-touch intercom, Provider 790 meets the nurse call and communication needs throughout your facility.

In applications where nurse call features aren’t required, the Spectrum intercom system is the perfect solution for interdepartmental communications. Spectrum intercom provides hands-free, two-way voice communications with automatic volume control, a two-line LCD screen to receive and send calls, and a full dialing keypad. The Emergency All-Call feature notifies staff members of emergencies even within restricted areas and across facilities.

Interdepartmental Communications

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