Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call System

Provider® 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call

Provider 680: Tone-Visual Nurse Call for Many Types of Facilities

The flexibility of Provider 680 Nurse Call includes both Audio-Visual and Tone-Visual options that address the needs of different areas. Provider 680 Tone-Visual meets the alerting and notification needs emergency departments, nursing homes / skilled care facilities, assisted living and long-term care facilities, and outpatient clinics.

Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call

Intuitive Operation
With the Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call, staff instantly know who needs attention, what type of call they placed, and their location. These notifications are done by using tones and indications at the Nurse Console, Duty Stations, and at the Dome Light outside the patient’s room/area. The full alphanumeric display at the Nurse Console indicates the top call priorities and their respective room numbers; there is no second guessing who placed the first call.

Integrated Alarm Options
The Provider 680 readily integrates with wandering patient, security systems, smoke detectors, and bed exit alarms to quickly alert staff of critical events.

A Facility-Wide Solution with Provider 680 and Provider 680 Tone-Visual
In acute care hospitals, some areas may only need the more basic tone-visual operation of Provider 680 while other areas need the full communication options available with the Provider 680 Audio-Visual system. Both versions of Provider 680 can be intermixed in the same facility, providing integrated pocket page notification of calls, centralized code display, and network accessible activity reporting options.

Design for Low Cost Installation and Ongoing Reliability
The system is Underwriters Laboratories UL1069 listed for nurse call equipment. The structured Cat 5/5e/6 cable wiring throughout reduces initial installation costs and simplifies system service as every station is continuously supervised. The LED Dome Light design means no more testing and replacing burnt out bulbs.

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