Streamlining Patient-Staff Communications

Integrating Nurse Call Systems with Wireless Communications Benefits Both Patients and Staff

Jeron’s nurse call system leverages wireless technology, including wireless phones, pocket paging, and staff locating for a direct alerting and communication path between the patient and their assigned caregivers. This direct and fast patient to staff and staff to staff communication means:

  • A Quiet Healing Environment – disruptive overhead pages to staff are virtually eliminated
  • Caregivers Have More Direct Time with Patients – caregivers don’t spend time making unnecessary trips to the nursing station; they stay out on the floor with their patients as much as possible
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction – patients benefit from faster and more direct response from their caregiver
  • Increased Staff Satisfaction – caregivers benefit by remaining completely mobile throughout the facility while still readily accessible to their patients and other staff members
Streamlining Patient-Staff Communications

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