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Caller ID Phones

Cost-Effective Mobile Communication with Caller ID Base Station Wireless Phones

Mobile communication greatly enhances workflow and patient satisfaction, but facility-wide wireless phone systems are often not a cost effective option for skilled care facilities and some acute care facilities. The Provider® 680 Nurse Call System offers a more cost-effective option for these facilities with Caller ID phone integration.


  • Direct Notification – calls are routed directly to the assigned caregiver’s Caller ID phone, allowing them to assess the call before delivering a personalized response
  • Call Prioritization – if multiple patient calls are placed at the same time, the caregiver can select which call to answered first
  • Remote Answering – caregivers can answer calls from their assigned patients anywhere within the Caller ID phone’s range, giving them mobility while maintaining a quiet environment with reduced overhead paging
  • Set Service Reminders – if a patient requires service, from the wireless phone caregivers can set a reminder which indicates at the Dome Light and sends a pocket page to the assigned caregiver
Caller ID Phones

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