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Providing best of breed Emergency Notification Service and control, StaffAlerter is the only solution you need.

Anyone who is responsible for keeping groups of employees, customers, students or parents informed, needs the communication power of StaffAlerter. Developed originally for the K-12 market, StaffAlerter by virtue of it’s advanced distributed architecture design leverages the latest in IoT technology, Cloud processing and advanced communication services assures any message for any person or group will be delivered regardless of the condition of facility power or network infrastructure.

What makes StaffAlerter better than the current Emergency Notification Systems?

StaffAlerter combines three important functions:


StaffAlerter provides flexible, programmable inputs to collect activity from almost any sensor, relay output, switch or alarm. In addition, the user has direct control via the advanced Web interface to take immediate action. Conditions monitored can include, direct input from panic buttons, gunshot detectors, input from phone systems and other alarms or reporting systems. Monitoring severe weather, open doors, motion in an area, IT equipment alarms, temperature and humidity monitoring, if you need to detect activity, StaffAlerter has the right input option.


StaffAlerter, as its name describes, can provide immediate notification via SMS text, email or phone calls to any number of people or groups. Designed with ease of use and flexibility, StaffAlerter allows the user to pre-record announcements and send, create text to speech messages on the fly in the Web Portal, or call the system and create an ad hoc message and send with just a single call, independent of web access. In addition, PC/mobile device screen alerts, building wide paging, premise audio/visual signals, door access control, remote program execution via Email-Control software, and activation of other alarm systems and messaging over telephone systems. Schools can even control the bell schedule and announcements with StaffAlerter.


StaffAlerter provides controllable relay outputs to start/stop equipment, activate alarm systems, access control functions, initiate audible and visual signals, reset equipment, control power and any other function that can be controlled by a switch. Direct control is offered through the unique Web Buttons that the user can create, making StaffAlerter the most flexible network enabled remote control system available. Unique to the design, the distributed architecture that allows multiple StaffAlerters and the satellite Contact Notifiers to provide remote areas or sites across any geographical region with inputs and outputs communicating with each other.
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There are many manufacturers offering systems designed alerting, a few systems designed for control and other systems designed to detect conditions. Only StaffAlerter combines all of these functions into one easy to manage, easy to deploy system capable of serving a single site with a small group or an enterprise of any size or spread across any region from a single Web Portal.

Reliability is critical for the system to be able to perform its job. StaffAlerter was designed to operate in any condition and with any level of network access, Site wide power failures, network outages even regional disasters won’t leave you without the ability to communicate with your people.

StaffAlerter has a triple layer design. The physical layer, StaffAlerter and Contact Notifier provide direct inputs and outputs inside the facility. Able to cross communicate with each other, inputs on one system can activate outputs on other modules immediately when site wide control is required. The system is built around events that trigger rules controlled by the user, StaffAlerter offers unparalleled flexibility and amazing power to execute complicated sequences with a simple input action.

The second layer is Web control, using any device that can access the web, users can directly control any resource on StaffAlerter or Contact Notifier from a Web Portal created specifically for the customer. Through this portal, Web Buttons created easily by the user can carry out direct control of anything connected to the system. These buttons also can execute “Rules” designed to link together control, and messaging into a single action. This allows StaffAlerter to become a powerful remote control system with unlimited options. Finally, even when the facility is unable to reach the internet, the Cloud Control layer is always available. Cloud Buttons can be easily created to send messages or alerts to users and groups as required. These Cloud Buttons along with the unique P.A.D (Personal Alerting Device) buttons can be included in a design that allows personal control of the system and the ability to signal others of a situation. Connected via Wi-Fi StaffAlerter and the P.A.D system leverage the current infrastructure with minimal data requirements.

What is there is no Wi-Fi available? StaffAlerter can be equipped to operate over the cellular network by either utilizing a hotspot or equipping the system with a Cellular based processor in place of the Wi-fi processor. Any site, anywhere can utilize StaffAlerter.

Many systems today offer the alerting features, some can offer ways to control but none can do it all for a fraction of the competitions investment. StaffAlerter systems start as low as $1999.00. StaffAlerter provides all of the features described above including mass alerting and total reliability for a fraction of the nearest competition. Along with very reasonable monthly services starting as low as $50.00 per month, StaffAlerter provides the right solution to deal with todays challenges and the need to keep people informed.

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