Provider 790 Nurse Call System

Provider 790: An IP Nurse Call Communications Solution with the Flexibility and Scalability to Meet All Your Acute Care Applications

The accuracy and clarity of staff and patient communications are critical in the healthcare environment. Utilizing the latest in Voice over IP and Ethernet technology, the Provider 790 nurse call system ensures clear full-duplex communication from down the hall to across multiple buildings. Provider 790 offers complete communication, alerting, reporting, and workflow solutions for a unit, a single building or an entire campus. This integrated system approach to streamlining staff to patient interaction means more time for direct treatment and care resulting in increased staff and patient satisfaction.

Provider 790 Options

Streamlined Touchscreen Communications
Touchscreen nurse consoles tie the entire facility together with one-touch operation to answer patient calls, locate staff and communicate with staff, and to set staff rounding. The networked system architecture means calls can be answered locally, forwarded to an adjoining unit, or answered from a central location.

Real-Time Alerting and Communication
Through integration with the most popular wireless phone systems and pocket paging, patient’s calls are routed directly to their assigned caregivers. From any PC on the LAN, managers assign primary and backup staff to cover each patient. The automated call routing to wireless devices means faster response to patient calls while minimizing disruptive overhead paging previously used to notify staff of patient calls.

Customized Workflow Station
Workflow stations eliminate time wasting follow-up, extra phone calls, and extra steps for processes within or across departments or specialties. For patient admission/discharge, the workflow station means waiting patients are placed into beds sooner for improved bed turnover and increased patient satisfaction.

Patient Rounding and Reminders
Patient rounding and one-time self-reminders means one less thing for caregivers to constantly remember. Using automated rounding and reminders ensures patients are visited within a set time period and automatically reminds caregivers and their team members if a rounding was missed. With automated rounding, patient anxiety decreases because they know their caregiver will visit them regularly.

Designed for Simple Service, Installation, and Ongoing Reliability
Provider 790 is Underwriters Laboratories UL1069 Listed for nurse call equipment. The system has no PC based components that require routine updates or reboots and is designed for continuous operation. The built-in diagnostics continuously supervise all components and send automated alerts to technicians if there is an issue. With remote system access, technicians can quickly program and troubleshoot any issues to ensure maximum system availability.

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