Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow for Increased Efficiency and Reduced Frustration

For routine workflows within or across departments, Provider® Nurse Call systems automate process and eliminate time wasting phone calls and follow-up. Any process that requires notification between staff can be initiated by one-touch on either a four-button or touchscreen workflow station located in the patient room or key staff areas.

In a patient discharge and room turnover scenario, incorporating Provider ‘s workflow operation reduces the time a patient waits for an available bed which translates into increased efficiency for hospitals and improved patient satisfaction.

  • One-Touch Transportation Request – pressing the TRANSPORT button instantly directs transport to the patient’s room to help out the discharged patient
  • Direct Notification to Housekeeping Staff – pressing the CLEAN NEEDED button notifies housekeeping to clean and prepare the room for the next patient
  • No Duplicated Effort – pressing the IN PROCESS button tells other cleaning staff someone is tending to the room
  • Graphic Display of Available Rooms – when a room is clean and ready, pressing the BED READY button displays the room as available allowing Admitting to fill the room quickly
Automated Workflow

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