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Texting is one of the most prevalent forms of communication in the country today. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, SMS text messages have a 98% open rate, with studies showing that 96% of SMS text messages are read within three minutes of delivery. Because text messaging is the most used data service in the world, it can also be used as a powerful communication tool for businesses.

Advantages of Text Messaging
The benefits of texting are extensive. It is a cost-effective and powerful tool that can make all the difference when communicating with your customers. So how can you harness the technology within your business?

Texting is fast and efficient. Somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of sales go to the vendor who responds first. While most consumers shop around when they are looking to purchase a new product or service, almost half will purchase from whoever started talking with them first. Texting is generally the fastest way to communicate and has an average response time of 90 seconds! Texting will never replace emails and phone calls, but it can set you apart from your competitors by making it easier for customers to reach you, bettering your response time, and ultimately winning more customers.

Texting is convenient. People of all ages are connected to their smartphones and sending and receiving text messages does not interfere with their day. Customers have jobs and busy schedules. If a customer misses a call from your business, they might call back when they have time – if they remember. But if a customer misses a text? It takes mere seconds to respond upon opening that text. Additionally, if a customer desires a conversation to be private, it can take a lot more effort to find a quiet space to make a call than to quickly reply to a text message. The bottom line is this: the convenience of texting a business brings value to its customers.

Texting can save you and your employees time. Features such as personalized templates and keyword auto-replies can make your operations more efficient. Additionally, employees can multitask while they are text messaging. While certain conversations may require your employee’s undivided attention, less complicated tasks may not require such sharp focus. In many business text messaging conversations, employees may experience slow responses from customers. While employees are waiting for a customer to respond, they can quickly handle other simple tasks. Once the customer is ready to resume the conversation, the employee can easily go back to the business text messaging conversation.

Clever Ways to Leverage the Power of Text Messaging in Your Business:

  • Payment & Billing Reminders. In today’s market, many consumers prefer online billing. Use text messaging to remind your customers their bills are due and/or past due.
  • Appointment Reminders. Automating appointment reminders through text messaging not only frees up your employees’ time that is typically spent on calling to remind your customers of their appointment, but it’s also convenient for your customer as well. Some of your customers may also prefer to schedule their appointments by text.
  • Coordinate Your Personnel. Use text messaging to coordinate with your remote employees, as well as to communicate with centrally located employees. You can also send company-wide updates and alerts quickly and efficiently, such as office closures or other emergencies.
  • Coupon and Promotion Distribution. Quickly inform your customers of a limited-time promotion, sale, or other events your business is offering.
  • Marketing. Add text messing to your overall marketing plan. Using text messaging with your email marketing, event marketing, sales, webinars, etc. can make a big impact.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Text Messaging Vendor for Your Business.
Selecting the right text messaging vendor is critical. Below are a few items to consider when making your vendor selection:

  1. Is it Simple to Get Started? The vendor you select should make setup easy and stress-free. During setup, your vendor should be able to answer your questions, guide you through every step of the process, and troubleshoot if any issues arise.
  2. What Features are Available? The solution you choose should have a robust set of features, including but not limited to:
    • Website widget – Timely assistance via mobile-friendly text messaging instead of chat.
    • Voice Initiated Messaging (VIM) – Initiate a text conversation instead of being placed on-hold or having to leave a voicemail message.
    • Permission management – Text safely with customers and manage all opt-in permissions being granted via website widget, VIM, keyword opt-ins, or manual entry.
    • Integrations – Integrate into your existing tech systems.
    • Bulk Message Scheduling – Schedule bulk messages to be sent at a future date and time.
  3. Scalability. The plans offered by your vendor should be easily customized based on the number of employees who will be using the service and the estimated number of messages you anticipate using each month.

Text messaging provides diverse solutions for businesses in all industries. Sales, marketing, order confirmations, appointment reminders, and more can be sent in a meaningful, engaging way. Your messages are guaranteed to reach customers quickly.

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