The Detector (PoE)

The Detector (PoE)

Next Generation Gunfire Detection System
The only realistic way to decrease notification and response times in the event of crisis is with an automated gunfire detection system. The Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System notifies select personnel and authorities of critical information within seconds of the first gunshot.

Easy to Install

Gunfire Detectors installed in each room, hallway, and other public space work together to form a network of detection. The Detector’s triangular shape and small size means it will fit inconspicuously in the ceiling corner of a room, never being noticed
When a loud noise occurs, the acoustic, infrared, and concussion signatures are captured by all nearby detectors. This data from all active Gunfire Detectors is analyzed by a sophisticated cloud-based machine learning algorithm.

Immediate Notification

If a firearm has been discharged, an emergency alert is sent to the phone of every system administrator. Alerts are displayed directly on the 911 dispatcher’s terminal. Everyone on a user-managed list of contacts receives an e-mail.

The system easily interfaces with existing alarm, CCTV, access control and other systems to create a complete emergency response solution.



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